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Pohang Museum of Steel Art has planned and executed diverse and profound exhibitions, as the museum friendly to citizens, providing them with the opportunity to enjoy variations of art culture. The museum explores an expansion of the concept of steel art, to establish its identity as a steel art museum, through the disciplinary consilience of media and technology art. As a public art museum it helps shape a systematic, professional exhibition culture through exhibitions concentrating on daily enjoyment of culture by citizens; exhibitions revitalizing local culture based on research, study, and archiving of local art; exhibitions introducing contemporary art and the development of Korean art; and experimental exhibitions shaping the museum’s characteristics. At the same time the museum as a public art museum gives special attention to the creation of art culture in which citizens can communicate easily with art. Especially at the Choheon Chang Doo-Kun Gallery on the second floor, permanently displaying works donated by Chang, a leading Korean artist born in Pohang, visitors may feel the pride of Pohang art.