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Cafeteria & Museum Shop

At the cafeteria, by the front gate, visitors can leisurely enjoy the beautiful view of Hwanho Park, while enjoying a cup of tea.

POMA Library

The POMA Library on the first floor has a variety of materials including books on art, photography, design, and architecture, the liberal arts, foreign art magazines, and exhibition catalogs. Visitors may also access invaluable art-related books donated by sculptor Choi Man-Rin.

  • Opening Hours : Tue~Sat (Sun · Mon Closed)
  • April-October : 10:00-18:30
  • January-March : 10:00-17:30
  • Lunch Break : 12:00-13:00 Closed
  • Tel : +82-54-270-4701

The museum has a wide variety of amenities, such as library, seminar room, cafeteria, shop, and reference room, besides five galleries. While appreciating artworks on display, viewers can also take a rest and enjoy diverse activities.

The museum’s five galleries including Choheon Chang Doo-kun gallery for a permanent exhibition present an optimal environment for viewing, finished with basalt for a sophisticated feel, and to absorb sound and control humidity. Gallery 1 and 2, 7.4m and 6m high respectively, are for contemporary art exhibitions, and Gallery 3 and 4 opposite the lobby are for differing types of exhibition including media-art shows. In addition, spaces bridging the galleries can be used for diverse productions and exhibitions, giving citizens access to art culture easily and familiarly.

Seminar Room
The seminar room on the first basement level is where a multiplicity of academic, educational, and cultural programs, such as lectures, forums, and seminars, take place. For activities by local institutions, the seminar room is a space mediating the growth of local culture.
Reference Room
The room inside the cafeteria is where visitors can take a rest and read art books and materials, relishing the park’s cozy atmosphere.