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Pohang Steel Art Festival
Pohang Steel Art Festival is an event that links the cultural codes of iron throughout the time and space of Pohang history to arts and cultural activities, from the mythes of Yanowang, Seo-il, and the myth of success of POSCO, which is rewriting the world steel maker through the FINEX process.
Pohang Steel Art Workshop
Pohang Steel Art Workshop is a citizen studio where you can make life accessories and jewelry using steel materials (gold, silver and copper). It is focus on bringing out the happiness of our citizens through the joy of art experience and the artisticization of daily life through steel. In addition, we expect to see a small fire that connects Pohang's past and present through the "steel" which represents the culture of Pohang, and designing the future at the old ironworks street of Pohang Dongbinnaehang.
Educational Programs
Specializing as a public art museum, Pohang Museum of Steel Art intends to help form local culture and reinforce the rights of Pohang citizens to enjoy art and culture through a multiplicity of education programs. The museum will also enhance its identity through specialized academic and cultural events.
POMA Public Lectures
POMA forums explore the museum’s academic orientations in the arenas of liberal arts and art museum studies. The museum academic events are related to local society’s concerns, and academic occasions are related to science, technology and media art, both used for reviving the features of a steel art museum.
POMA Forum
The museum fulfills its duties as a public art museum by enhancing local academia and culture and helping citizens live refined lives through lectures on culture, art, and the humanities.
Exhibition-related programs
The museum intends to stimulate citizens’ positive interest in and experience of art culture through a variety of exhibition-related programs shaping an interactive exhibition culture. For this, the museum presents programs such as artist talks, exhibition-related seminars, and children educational programs (POMA Davinch kids program), as well as activities in collaboration with local academic research infrastructures at Handong University, Pohang University, and Pohang University of Science and Technology.
POMA Docent & Volunteer
The museum enables citizens to join and share museum culture, and appreciate works of art at the eye level of citizens through docent and volunteer programs. The museum executes a docent cultural visit program, docent nurturing program, and volunteer education program, for enhancing docents’ specialties and knowledge.