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The museum, nestled in a park overlooking the Yeongil Bay and Pohang city, opened on December 22, 2009 after the three years of construction.

Housing four galleries including Choheon Chang Doo-kun gallery, a museum shop, a cafeteria, offices, an archive room, and a library, the museum is in a beautiful forest where visitors may meditate on nature and art.

Concentrating on collecting and curating works of art with the theme of ‘steel’, the backbone of Pohang culture, the museum seeks ‘a small yet distinguished, world-class art museum for citizens. Today when ‘creativity’, considered an attribute of art, becomes a keyword in a knowledge-based society, the museum will assume a leading role in spearheading local culture through a wide variety of community activities and programs.

The museum will dedicate itself to making Pohang a happy, creative, friendly, bright and convivial city. The museum also dreams of befriending people around the world in the globalized era through artistic exchanges and networks at home and abroad.

Kim gab-su, Director, Pohang Museum of Steel Art